Resilience & Continuity

By combining clientless backup for local network desktops, PC agents for roaming laptop backup and Server Agents for application-aware server backup, ALVEA protects data where it resides.

Local and cloud backup copies are optimised for speed and security using ALVEA’s hybrid approach which provides quick access and recovery from local backup stored on the ALVEA appliance, whilst using the cloud for disaster recovery.

While individual files may be accidentally erased or corrupted, the loss, theft or destruction of hardware may require the recovery of an entire system. This is where bare-metal backup and recovery comes in handy. Both backup methods are performed incrementally and are fully optimised for speed and bandwidth economy.

Service Features and Benefits

  • State of the art on-premise Network Attached Storage
  • Quick access & recovery from local backup including 'bare metal backup'
  • Cloud based replication for Disaster Recovery purposes meaning you can restore data from anywhere securely
  • Access and share documents with colleagues and clients securely from anywhere in the world using File Sync & Share capabilities
  • Cost effective, flexible and secure cloud storage in our UK based datacenter
  • Transfer your data across securely and seamlessly with our seeding program

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