RSA, The Security Division of EMC, is the premier provider of intelligence-driven security solutions. RSA helps the world’s leading organisations solve their most complex and sensitive security challenges: managing organisational risk, safeguarding mobile access and collaboration, preventing online fraud, and defending against advanced threats.

Combining agile controls for identity assurance, fraud detection, and data protection, robust Security Analytics and industry-leading GRC capabilities, and expert consulting and advisory services, RSA brings visibility and trust to millions of user identities, the data they create, the transactions they perform, and the IT infrastructure they rely on.

RSA Authentication Manager 8.0

Balance security with cost and convenience across your extended enterprise. Let new, risk-based authentication with RSA® Authentication Manager 8.0 broaden the choice, flexibility and control behind secure, real-world enterprise access. Widen secure access, administer authentication easily and reduce per user costs by up to 40% with centralised, time saving features. The powerful risk engine performs sophisticated background analytics on all login attempts. Authentication intelligence, based on behaviour and device, only intervenes to challenge high-risk activity. Scalable and cost-effective, RSA Authentication Manager 8.0 maximises the potential of your virtualised environment. Embrace new technologies and devices while increasing security against advanced threats.


RSA SecurID two-factor authentication is based on something you know (a password or PIN) and something you have (an authenticator) - providing a much more reliable level of user authentication than re-usable passwords. RSA SecurID is the only solution that automatically changes a user’s password every 60 seconds, combined with RSA’s 20-year history of outstanding performance and innovation. RSA offers enterprises a wide range of user authentication options to help positively identify users before they interact with mission-critical data and applications through VPNs & WLANs, E-mail, Intranets & extranets, Microsoft® Windows® desktop, Web servers and other network resources.

RSA Archer eGRC Suite

RSA Archer GRC modules allow you to build an efficient, collaborative enterprise governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) program across IT, finance, operations, and legal domains. With RSA Archer, you can manage risks, demonstrate compliance, and automate business processes. RSA Archer eGRC leads the market in enterprise governance, risk, and compliance (eGRC)—chosen by one in two of the Fortune 100. RSA Archer eGRC allows organisations to build a collaborative eGRC program to manage enterprise risks, demonstrate compliance, automate business processes, and gain visibility into risk and controls.

RSA Security Analytics

RSA Security Analytics: A security monitoring platform that leverages and extends the architecture and analytics of RSA NetWitness. Security Analytics redefines SIEM by combining network monitoring, traditional log-centric SIEM, forensics, compliance, and big data management and analytics. RSA Security Analytics helps security analysts detect and investigate threats often missed by other security tools. Leveraging the proven technology of RSA NetWitness, Security Analytics provides converged network security monitoring and centralised security information and event management (SIEM).

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