Integrity Scotland hold several Webinars throughout the year, please see below for the full list

Deep Secure
You are invited to join Integrity Scotland’s 30-minute Webinar around malware in content and how Deep Secure are literally ‘transforming’ cyber security.
Learn why you should become early adopters of the future for securing your data. The recommended way to import data safely into your network by the NCSC and tested by multiple government and military agencies without a single point of failure. Deep Secure not only guarantees safe data from day 1, but also brings new ways to get true insights into ROI, not only on itself but also your existing cyber security technology.

Content Threat Removal 100% Guaranteed – Open Every File with Confidence

Webinar Name: The Content Conundrum
1. Content based Malware threat
2. Traditional Defences
3. Content transformation

Date: 27th November
Time: 11:00 – 11:30

To attend this webinar please see the following registration link and look forward to seeing you there

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