Professional Services

We offer a full range of consultancy, installation and a suite of products, cloud and managed solutions across security, infrastructure and resilience.

These services include software and hardware support, consultancy, and security testing and auditing services. All are delivered by expert staff, from state-of-the-art, UK based Global Support Centre and from Technical Assistance Centres (TAC.

We can arrange for engineers to install configure and deploy technology within our product portfolio, on any platform on our customers network as per the requirement.

A qualified technician can make hardware appliances IP ready before shipping to site eliminating the risk of DOA and reducing installation costs.

Premium Hardware Service

Replacement of hardware within binding replacement or recovery times, with the option of support from an onsite engineer

Premium Support Service

Non-manufacturer-specific support for technical queries and problems related to software products, offering binding SLAs and guaranteed response times

Managed Services

Operation of central management tasks and individual log data analyses, including reporting, in four high-availability computing centres

Consulting Services

Onsite installation support and project support by IT experts

Premium Restoration Service

This exceptional service offers customers a high-level re-configuration facility in addition to our enhanced hardware replacement support. A fully vendor accredited engineer will arrive on-site within 4 hours of diagnosis of failure, replace faulty parts, load the correct version of software and install the last saved configuration, leaving the faulty unit fully operational within 4 hours of arrival on-site.

Hardware Monitoring Service

This service is designed to proactively monitor customers’ security appliances 8x5 or 24x7. Our highly experienced security engineers proactively monitor customers’ security appliances to identify any anomalies and potential issues ensuring full operation before they affect business.

Secure Data Transportation and Destruction Services

These new services have been designed to provide a solution in the secure transportation of defective disks or entire systems; in a sealed and specially secured container, with real-time monitoring. Hard disk data is permanently destroyed using software in accordance with CESG guidelines or by physical destruction. Upon completion the customer is issued with a certificate to prove compliance with all data protection regulations.

Assurance & Compliance

International Standards Organisation (ISO) based in Geneva specifies best practice requirements for quality, environment and information security. They involve developing systems and procedures which enable a consistent approach to providing a safe and secure working environment, as well as customer satisfaction.

ISO compliance can be a perplexing time consuming assignment which can deter the most dedicated of people, therefore with our knowledge and experience we can help guide companies through projects speedily and with ease.

ISO certifications are viewed as the “new business model”, but also as a unique identifier, which enables companies of a similar nature to stand out.

What we can offer

  • Gap analysis
  • System design
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Internal audits
  • Reviews
  • Attendance on the day of certification

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