Cryptshare for the Legal Profession

Secure digital correspondence for legal professionals

  • Encrypted, password-protected messages and data transfers to any recipient
  • Secure and convenient communication from your familiar work environment
  • Whitelisting to prevent user errors and sending transfers to the wrong recipients

Digital correspondence presents legal professionals with challenges daily: the highly sensitive information and personal data they work with must be protected from any unauthorised access by third parties.

This becomes particularly important when such data, often large files and pdf bundles, needs to be sent to recipients outside their own firewall – this is precisely when it becomes most vulnerable to attacks and data breaches.

Cryptshare is the practical and affordable solution to protect your data when it is most at risk.

As a proven and user-friendly communication solution used by many clients in the legal profession worldwide, Cryptshare goes beyond protecting your data in transfer and offers many benefits to enterprises in the legal domain.

Cryptshare can be customised to perfectly fit your needs: Its operating environment can be freely selected from various options, and its operation mode is available as a virtual appliance, hardware appliance, or as an individual configuration.

Cryptshare offers valuable features such as protective email classification and many efficient and comprehensive policy settings. These can be centrally defined to meet specific internal guidelines or more customised to the multi-faceted demands of government as well as regulatory requirements for data security.

Effective tracking
The sender can easily recognise the classification of his own messages as each protection class has a clear colour coding.

In the “Sent Items” folder and in the upload manager, he can see under which protection class his message was sent.

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