Fortanix is a data first company and is redefining data security. It empowers you to protect your most important asset first – your global data, from one centralized place and gives you unmatched control of your data security across public, private, and hybrid clouds, all that with an easy-to-use automation-friendly solution loved by developers, security teams, and auditors.

Data is the new currency and businesses are observing a data growth explosion. However, all businesses must secure their sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands to protect their company’s reputation and shareholder’s value.

A typical enterprise uses 5 different public and SaaS clouds, 100+ applications, 100s of databases, multiple data lakes, and countless organically fostered silos of data for production, staging, and testing environments. Traditional approaches require tooling of disjointed security instruments for each of those configurations.

Your goal is to secure data. Fortanix’s technology operates at the data-level so it’s secure wherever your data goes.

Businesses need to move around the cloud and on-premises. Fortanix gives you the security control and freedom to do so.

As the usecases and businesses grow, the scale of data processing grows. Fortanix provides a true planet-level cloud-scale solution that works whether you are processing millions of transactions or only a few!

Meet your compliance obligations
Regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, Schrems II, and dozens of data sovereignty laws around the globe require control over what data gets accessed where and by whom. Fortanix’s data-centric solution helps you meet these requirements.

Innovative technology
Backed by 20+ patents, use a mixture of encryption, Runtime Encryption®, Confidential Computing, tokenization, and key management to adopt a data-first approach to security.

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