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 Cryptshare has been designed as a secure digital transfer service, as such, Cryptshare makes sure your data is protected at all points of risk on the journey from sender to recipient, meaning from the time it leaves the relative safety of your firewall until it reaches its intended destination.

When your data is in transit it is most at risk because this is precisely when it is most vulnerable to third-party attacks.
To secure your data exactly when it needs it most, Cryptshare has much more to offer than simply email security.

Powered by its many innovations, Cryptshare not only enables exchanges between individuals using email traditionally, but also facilitates communication for machine-to-machine and application-to-application use cases – challenges that every enterprise are facing.

How does email encryption with Cryptshare work
Cryptshare has a completely different approach to secure email communication than PGP & S/MIME. No private and public keys or certificates need to be generated for individual email addresses. We have even avoided the transmission of confidential emails via SMTP for the reasons mentioned under PGP.

Each company has its own Cryptshare server, which is operated in its own DMZ or by the web hosting or cloud provider of choice. Users create their emails as usual in the email client and add attachments of any size if necessary. Now the user selects an email classification to determine the vulnerability of the information contained in the email or clicks directly on the “Send with Cryptshare” button.

Now a dialog window opens. There, depending on the previously selected classification, he can choose an individual retention period for the message on the server, a unique password and settings such as “Encrypt email subject” or “Recipient’s language”. The password can be transmitted in different ways – for example, by telephone, letter, fax, SMS or in person. It is up to the user to decide what level of security is applied.

How are Cryptshare encrypted emails transported
The message and attachments are transferred to the Cryptshare server via an HTTPS connection with TLS encryption. There they are scanned for viruses and stored AES-encrypted (Advanced Encryption Standard). A different key is used for each communication process. The cryptshare server then sends a notification to the recipient(s), which provides the download link and contact information of the sender.

With a simple click on the download link and after entering the password, the recipient can now access the data via an HTTPS connection with TLS encryption. At the same time, the cryptshare server informs the sender that the data has been retrieved by the recipient.

Cryptshare eliminates attachment size limitations and fully logs all send and receive operations. Clear notifications to the sender when emails and files have been sent and delivered to the intended recipient helps companies comply with policies and compliance requirements such as the GDPR. This also makes it easier to detect conspicuous activities in connection with email communication. Further advantages of our solution.

Does a new password have to be created manually for each email
No. Our revolutionary Cryptshare QUICK technology generates system-generated one-time keys in the background.

Looking for a solution to share files securely over the internet
Give your employees and external communication partners a million times proven solution to transfer files securely – With Cryptshare.

How to exchange files in daily business life?
It is essential for enterprises to be able to send and receive sensitive information and large amounts of data ad hoc, quickly and securely. Demands to exchange data – whether secret documents or big files – will increase in the future. Companies must have access to secure and easy-to-use solutions that are easily available to all.

The fact is that software solutions with which large files can be secured and sent that handle emails and offer an audit trail at the same time, are rare.

That’s why we developed Cryptshare in the first place. A secure file transfer solution that lets you send files of any kind, of any size, securely, anytime, anywhere.

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