Fortanix for Healthcare


Fortanix helps healthcare organizations secure sensitive patient and medical data, ensure privacy and compliance to regulations like HIPAA. Fortanix protects keys and data regardless of where they reside.

Healthcare organizations hold vast repositories of data. Ability to generate value entirely depends on how healthcare organizations can effectively unlock the power of data to innovate and deliver better health outcomes. With patient records being stored electronically, there is also increased threat of data breaches, malware, and other malicious attacks. Medical and patient records are used by multiple parties including hospitals for treatment, insurance providers for transactions and drug manufacturing companies for research. This means that the data is transmitted from different endpoints and across different networks with different levels of security. Protecting the healthcare data, securing this data for privacy preserving analytics and secure collaboration between different entities is critical.

Fortanix offers multiple solutions to cater to the data security needs of the Healthcare sector. Healthcare organizations can also use Fortanix Confidential Computing Manager to run applications and data within secure enclaves and use this data for multiparty analytics for better patient outcomes and find cure for diseases. Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) provides built-in HSM, Key Management and Tokenization capabilities with flexible consumption options. They can now secure data and keys regardless of where it resides.

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