Check Point Professional Services

Check Point Software Technologies Professional Services 

Integrity Scotland has over 22 years of experience designing, planning, implementing, reviewing and troubleshooting, Check Point Software Technologies products.

We have vast experience in helping organisations assess current and future needs based upon their cyber security requirements. IT Security remains a topmost priority especially with the landscape evolving more rapidly than it ever has before. Organisations are having to become more agile in their approach, ensuring that risk and regulatory compliances are met whilst supporting new business requirements.

We acknowledge the business risks associated with cyber threats, security breaches and aim to provide solutions through the use of best practice, information security policies, procedures and expert professional consultation services, whilst trying to utilise current infrastructure and security measures. We like to take a ground up approach and prefer to start by understanding the current implemented landscape before moving to understanding future requirements and needs.

Many security providers supply Check Point based services but what sets Integrity Scotland apart from the rest is we cover all Check Point products and technologies with a special focus on advanced gateway deployments, scalable platforms such as Scalable Multi-Blade Performance Chassis and Maestro Hyperscale Orchestrator, Virtual Systems and CloudGuard.

We provide professional services for upgrades, migrations and new implementations. Our services include the following key features.

  • System scoping and design, utilising appropriate architectures
  • New implementations, migrations from 3rd party vendors and upgrade planning
  • Hands on installation, upgrade and migration services
  • Proof of Concepts
  • Network changeover assistance
  • Utilisation of Check Point’s proven best practises
  • Product hardening to meet Common Criteria requirements and military security classifications
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Creation of Maintenance plans, rollback and restoration testing
  • System Integration
  • Maximise return on investment
  • Security check-ups
  • LLD/HLD solution documentation
  • Provide training to client’s engineering staff
  • Provide maximal capacity and efficiency through our bespoke security assessment process which is tailored to your system, environment and security requirements. We perform thorough reviews of the following areas.
    • Overall system health checks
    • System performance optimisation
    • Rule base and software blade optimisation
    • Security configuration checks
    • Validation of security rules and policies
    • Scalability review

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