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Secure Email with Encryption and Secure Data Transfer

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Security needs of local and central government

In times of limited budgets and escalating demands Cryptshare is the practical solution for the real-world digital security needs of local government and central government.

It provides the encrypted exchange of messages and data and makes correspondence with any citizen or supplier secure and confidential.

Cryptshare can be used anytime and anywhere, it is bidirectional, meaning your internal as well as any external contact partners can use it, and it has no file size limits.

Implementation is quick and easy, and users can immediately apply Cryptshare in their work, no training required.

Private citizens, local businesses, and the entire supply chain can use Cryptshare ad hoc in their exchanges with authorities at no additional costs and without any preconditions on their side.

It is intuitive, quick, and easy to use.

All that is needed is access to the internet and an email client. Cryptshare QUICK Technology provides passwordless security for users and establishes permanent secure connections for regular exchanges.

Authorities at the service end of government are in regular and close contact with their citizens, local businesses, and supply chain.

Such correspondence inevitably includes sensitive data and confidential information from the many use cases that government services demand and across all areas of life:

social care
to name a few. This commonly takes place in digital form, which has the benefits of being more efficient and convenient while saving a great deal of time and money, but it also opens up local authorities to various points of attack. They need to guarantee security and confidentiality for their digital communication particularly in times when the public sector is facing a high number of cyberattacks.

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